Day One

A quick rundown of our first session.

The party wakes up locked in a prison cell in a cave system. After subduing the goblin guard, you start exploring the cave system in which you find yourselves trapped. After figuring out a way to open the “impenetrable door” you find yourselves faced with a mismatched orc sitting on a throne comprised of the skulls of slain humanoids.

According to the letters found on the remains of the orc (Korsok) by name, this is a raiding party sent out by a larger force hidden in the woods somewhere in the surrounding area. This force is in the ending stages of building a fort to use as a base of operations in raiding surrounding villages.

As you explored the rest of the cave system you come across a once glorious shrine dedicated to the Lord of Death, Nerull. Worship of Nerull is strictly outlawed in all areas of Theria, and by the look of the cobwebs and dust in the shrine, it has not been used or even opened in generations.

Moving forward, you came across 2 goblins eating the remains of a horse in what seems to be the main gathering room in the complex. Directly forward, you came into a guard room occupied by a total of 4 goblins. Convincing them to help, Sir Percival gets the door open to the cavern system and you make it to the daylight in no one knows how long.

Following tips found in the letters on Korsork, you decide to head south following the trail through the woods towards the meeting point at the cabin. Upon reaching the cabin, you come up with an idea to ambush the incoming escort and try to find out why you were captured and what is going on. The ambush was successful but left more questions as there was a human female seemingly in charge of the group of orcs and goblins coming to escort the goblin raiders in the cave.

Quick Loot tally:
Magic Long Sword +1
Mace of Cure Light Wounds
A Gem stone that magnifies light sources (Has an enchantment aura around it)
A Cloak of Cleanliness
A Ring of Protection +1

Experience Total for the Night
Monsters: 825
Skill Challenges: 150
Role playing: 100
Total: 1075

That means that everyone is now level 2 (you’re welcome Sam and Shane)



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